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I would like to make an exchange.

Well, for a long time I thought that was true. I thought being richer or prettier or more loved/lovable would make my life better than the one I had. Maybe itIcon Coaching Royalty Free Stock Image would have, but you know what? As I got a bit older I began to see something I hadn’t noticed before. I couldn’t decide whose life I might want to exchange my life for. No movie star or rich jet setter or runway model, no one.

Now, I’m not perfect, or even close to it, by external Camera eye logo Royalty Free Stock Photosstandards, but I’m the only one who can perfectly be me. I don’t know why being me is so important, and maybe it isn’t in the small picture, but I’ve come to believe that in the grander scheme of things I’m very important, maybe even critical. Irreplaceable. So I’m just one pixel in the 10 megabyte picture but maybe I’m the one pixel that puts the gleam in the light in the eye of the model or something. Or maybe I’m the one pixel that clarifies the whole picture.

I’ll never know, I suppose. But one thing I can say without doubt is that my life has made me me, and I don’t want to exchange that for someone else. So, thank you very much, but I’ve changed my mind. I’ll just take my life and keep it after all.


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